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built of paper.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Early Happy Chinese New Year~~

It's not even New Year's Eve but I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year here!! ^_^

Since the zodiac of the year is Dragon, a Dragon-type Pokemon is coming up for the celebration!

It is Rayquaza and I've only done it until its neck. Heavily detailed but I like the design so much, I don't really mind the time to build it. 

Its front looks a bit weird, can't figure the correct way to put its teeth ~_~

Some Personal life Journal below, hehehe...

Recently, after various(?) experiments with different tools, I have found a great tool to assist myself while doing the papercraft. 

I don't know if I am being the Captain Obvious, but since sharing is caring, and I am such a nice person, I shall present you, 


It really comes in handy when you need it. 

Just clip the papers at the glued tab. 

Nicely done tab.

However, not every tabs can be clipped together. So, just use your precious fingers to hold it together, until it is dry!

I also bought a new craft knife for my hobby. It comes with 2 spare blades. The weird thing is, the shop does not sell the spare blades on its own, only the normal blade is available, guess I'll have to look around in the hobby shop in my area.

RM 10 craft knife

I don't know if it is my fault, it has started to rust after a few days!

The back of the blade has some serious rust.

It's the end of this update. Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends, CHEERS!!!


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Author: Chan HJ
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