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Friday, April 29, 2016


Magnetic Levitation with Arduino

Hello guys! I posted my Magnetic Levitation project on Hackster.io! It is really a great site to share your own project!
Here is the link to my project: https://www.hackster.io/chanhj/magnetic-levitation-8c3ad0?ref=custom&ref_id=45065&offset=4

Magnetic Levitation

Even though I’ve posted some brief intro and instructions there, they are not very detailed. But then I am a lazy guy, so if you need more details, just leave a comment, maybe I can improve the post?
It's made with a U3503 Linear Hall Effect Sensor, a MOSFET and a LED. :D It is that simple.

Magnetic Levitation Circuitry

Magnetic Levitation Circuitry Interfaced with Arduino UNO

My code is copied directly from another guy listed in my hackster project. All credits go to him, I only edited the PID parameters. However, his code does not compensate for the field generated by the coil itself, maybe I can research more on that, keep planning... Less doing, all the time...

I have since then found another levitation project to make, it’s a rotating globe, with blinking LEDs! Who doesn’t love LEDs right? Until next time, keep making things! :D


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