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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Chinese New Year Open House In Astaka

Our Prime Minister came to "Padang Lapangan Terbang" ( A field for aeroplanes, did not see a single one since I moved in though) in Sitiawan for the celebration of Chinese New Year yesterday.

After passing the traffic jams all the way to Padang Astaka ( this one is more commonly known among the residents here), WOW, cars and motorcycles everywhere! They just parked wherever a spot was available, from sides or the roads, in the outside of the field and finally the designated parking area, the filed itself. No lines, no signs, just traffic polices telling the correct ways to go. Poor guys...

What we wanted to see was the performances of the lion dances. A total of 242 lion would perform on stage, creating a new record in The Malaysia Book of Records as well. Upon watching the team of lion dancers waiting for their performing time, I kept asking myself, how would they perform on the stage in the same time?

Well, they could, by cramping with each other .

The space for them was simply too small. They were like sardines in cans. They had to dance according to the rhythm, but they could only stand upright and do some wiggling poses. No opportunity to perform, at all!

There was actually foods and drinks supplied, but the problem was the crowd.....

We only got one cup of syrup water...


The paper behind was newspaper given by some Pakatan Rakyat's man.

Could not resist our hungers anymore, we went out for dinner.

To my surprise, there's a lot of people in the hawker centre nearby. It seemed a lot of visitors could not get their food too :D (or was lazy to line up, or could not fight with the crowd, I suppose)
More money $_$, the towkay said ( okay, it was me)

Time to wait for our Prime Minister. As expected, the time of arrival was delayed, from 8pm to about 8.50pm. My father did shake his hand with PM though.

We decided to go home and watch the live show afterwards as there's no point staying with the crowd anymore.It really looked nice on teleision.

 Lion dance, checked! PM? checked! Food? No chance at all. Saw plates with friend mee and rice.

And, as expected again, poor Astaka Field.

Seriously, I will avoid every Rumah Terbuka hosted by these government people whenever possible!

( only recommended if you have never been to such event, like me, or you just want to get stuck in traffic jams , standing behind crowd to see performances and waiting for the arrival of your dream stars. Heck, you can get all of these in a concert. Pricey you say? At least you would enjoy it!)


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  1. for example a Paramore concert. but i'd be in the front row anyway.

  2. Ohhh really??? I though front rows are for their VIP guests.