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built of paper.
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Friday, May 11, 2012


After all these days, Rayquaza is finally done :D

Encountered a lot of problems, including the position of 'fins', multiple closing tabs, loose parts etc.

But, the sense of satisfaction is the most important aspect in any hobby, in my opinion. And somehow, I feel satisfied even though this is not the best papercraft I have made >.<

Let the photos do the talking, shall we?

My favourite front shot

Did I mention I like this part the most? The depth, which makes it so real.
If I am making Groundon or Kyogre, this'll be the main reason.

The usual irritating claws

The 'fins'! Super duper irritating. 

Which makes me use Super glue, and the overflow-ed super glue causes...

A piece of ubber glove inside the papercraft !

LOL. I have to wear a glove to prevent my fingers from getting glued together. 
I guess that did not work well.....


Tail  :D Looks cute here/

Spoiled tail ...I'll explain later.

Looks weird isn't? I wonder how did I miss one part of the tail??!!

Funny looking tail. AGAIN.

Bla bla bla

Bla x6

How to fix =.= : Pull the tail apart, glue in the correct part, put back the tail. Tadaa .....
Easier said than done. Really~

After I finish building Rayquaza, I encountered a major problem: it could not stand up! ( with the wrong tail, I don't know if it could stand up with the correct tail part or not though)
Planning a surgery...

Cut a hole. I used 2  one sen coins.

Super glue does the trick! ( with ugly water marks again.)

And it successfully stand up on its own!

Before it is done...

Beside the window...

Fins! More and more fins!!!

Perhaps, this will be my last Paperpoke.
I am going to Kolej Matrikulasi and I don't know if I would even have time for this hobby anymore.
Hope things do work out as what I have planned.....

Alright, until the next post! ( I think it'll be SD BuCUE XD)

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little green fingers...

While Rayquaza is a large and high pokemon, its fingers are surpringly small.

Almost thought of throwing it into the bin when I saw the designs....

Ah well, the right arm is almost finished, leaving the left arm with its little green thingy on the paper.

Practice does make something perfect, the first finger is....squashed-like. Lines are visible everywhere. Now, it's the third finger and I'm quite satisfied.

I hope the rest will be a breeze~
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Early Happy Chinese New Year~~

It's not even New Year's Eve but I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year here!! ^_^

Since the zodiac of the year is Dragon, a Dragon-type Pokemon is coming up for the celebration!

It is Rayquaza and I've only done it until its neck. Heavily detailed but I like the design so much, I don't really mind the time to build it. 

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