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built of paper.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

SD Wing Zero Custom- Wings, Rifles and Completed!

When you read this post, I am no longer in my own house.
I am on my way to USM!

And Wing Zero Custom is finished just two days before my departure Sad smile


Okay, the wings are completed, and they are gorgeous! Of course, it is still unable to balance itself but I am fine with that. SD Wing Zero Custom
SD Wing Zero Custom-001
SD Wing Zero Custom-002
SD Wing Zero Custom-003

Did not expect that GunPla beam saber can fit inside the palm. It is HG Infinite Justice’s. Looks good eh?
SD Wing Zero Custom-004

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Charmander V2

A short post about Charmander V2, which I made before Wing Zero Custom is finished. Gave it to my cousin as a gift.Charmander

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Friday, August 16, 2013

SD Wing Zero Custom- Wings

What is the first impression in your mind when you heard the name ‘ Wing Zero Custom Gundam’?
For me, of course it’s the WINGS!

Nothing can beat the beauty of wings, and in this case, the difficulty as well. Thinking smile

These are the first part of the smaller wings at the back.


Finished first part.DSC03216

With other larger parts.DSC03237

Finished ‘ smaller’ wing. Somehow, I love this photo very much. The lines actually enhance the shape of the wings. At first, I thought the lines are disturbing because the parts look very dirty with the lines on. Well, this shot proves me wrong. Smile
DSC03238 copy

The much more complicated side wing. I call it the ‘large’ wing ,.Smile

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

SD Wing Zero Custom–Shoulders, Hands and Backpack

Sorry guys for the late update, got some real life issues needed to be deal with immediately.  Annoyed

Alright, time for the photos!


Nothing special, a very straight forward build. I like the design very much though. I love the articulation shown in photos below.DSC02849

It can be rotated 360 degrees! While this is a basic requirement for most of the plastic model, it’s not the case for paper model. Since paper is more fragile and weak ( duh!Surprised smile), they design the model to be in a fixed position to reduce the strain on the papers.
SD Wing Zero Custom _Hand_2

Still, have to improve my skill by a large margin. The finished part always  ends up dirty and rigged.



This is such a short post LOL.

Okay, still remember the misplaced part on leg? It’s supposed to be used here.DSC03000

As the connector for the palm to the wrist!DSC03002

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