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Friday, April 26, 2013

So long, Biology...

Just had my Biology exam this morning. 

Perhaps it'll be the last time I had any contact with this subject.

Since Form 4, I had always disliked Biology. 
I just could not get the points and facts right.

Who knows, but I think I am not suitable for this subject. 
Why didn't I drop this subject out during the First Semester??? Argh....

Anyway, the 'magnificent' views of the lecture notes of Biology, alone.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

First Time Trying Baju Melayu

My classmates asked me for countless times to wear Baju Melayu with them. However, since most of them have only one set of the outfit with them, and the one having extra does not fit with my size, the plan was soon forgotten, until this week.

It is the last week of having lectures for our lives in KMM.

One of my classmate got me a set of Baju Melayu from his home ( I think so? ), so I happily tried it out today. It feels good, just that I still feel uneasy with Songkok on my head. It's like something is 'clingy' on my hair.

Anyway, this might be the last post about my life in KMM. Gonna leave this place soon and I'll definitely miss it! ( no matter how old it is, haha!)

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Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Trinity knot

Nothing spectacular actually. Just want to share a new knot call The Trinity. Tutorial can be found easily on Youtube by searching 'How to tie a Trinity knot'.

Tonight is the dinner night of my hostel block, C3. 

Kinda low standard if compared with the functions done by the other hostel blocks, but considering the fact that we don't even give a damn to help out... I would say our leader has done his job, very very good. 

Thumbs up for Faiz!!!

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Monday, April 01, 2013

Eldredge knot

Tried a new tie knot today. Wasn't that eye catchy, but at least I like it :D

Here's the instrution on how to tie the know.

Will try out another new know called Trinity this Friday, so stay tuned :D

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last Official Event

 Just a short update of the last official event in KMM. Majlis Apresiasi Pendidikan Moral.

My classmates got 'tricked' to perform the 1 Malaysia Song , with only 1 week to prepare. But that went out pretty well, and I think I'm starting to love the stage more, sadly it'll only become a memory, soon enough.

This came as a surprise! I swear I didn't even read through the so-called ' notes'
OK, maybe a little ;D

But one of my classmates actually got the Pelajar Terbaik ( Best Student) Award. LOL

The gifts inside are pretty useful too. Especially the notebook.
 It'll soon become one of the member of my diaries family!

Me and my buddies. Hope they don't mind they are on the Internet now :D

One little thing that I regretted though. We ( my classmates) discussed to wear outfits of matching colours but we did not take a photo together, perhaps I should have insisted more, especially her...

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Outing and Ranting(s)

Another outing again, this time, it's with my fellow classmates.

Went for a bowling game. My score is horrible.

Then, we went to Tanjung Bidara beach. Such a wonderful place, with such a bad timing that we chose to go out this time. 

These 2 photos mean that " I am here"

Beautiful near sunset shot. Again, taken when I was not in a good mood.

And the RANT starts here....

All went smoothly until we reached the beach. Four of our group were going to return the rented car and were suppose to be back in one hour. But, they were back only after 2 hours and a half... 


It's expensive. Okay. We were sort of desperate. Could not care much.

It's old. Okay, as along as it can still move.

It has a super sensitive brake. One little push on the pedal can make the whole car go 'jumping'.

It has 4 'broken' windows, as in the pane windows can't be adjusted. Okay, can live with it.

Its doors are super hard to be unlocked after they are locked. Annoying.

Finally, the battery became dead when they were on the journey to return the car. SWEET.

And the one responsible for the car came very very late. 

The four people only joined our group after 3 hours. And we were about to go back since it's getting late. 

All because we rented a near-dead car...

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why go for an Outing?

Why you ask? I will answer you with , FOOD!
Being fed up with the foods available around you isn't definitely not a good thing, especialy if you don't want to much up on Maggie mee every now and then.
So, I went out of KMM on Saturday with a bunch of friends, to have a wonderful lunch of Laksa!

The Nyonya Laksa

Laksa Kahwin. Basically it's a mix of Laksa and Kari. If you like Santan you don't want to miss it!

Large varieties of 'dessert' to be chosen from.

Jonker 88 is one amazing place to have your favourite Laksa!

After the wonderful lunch, we went to Popular bookstore in Mahkota Parade to finish the book vouchers. (Not mine though XD)

RM 300 worth of items. LOL. Bringing it up to our room was a challenging task....

 And then, our dinner...

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Friday, March 08, 2013


Someone's birthday is just around the corner, so I've decided to make one papercraft for her. But heck, how would I know what she likes?

And to make things worse, I found out that she doesn't like Rilakkuma very much actually...

With the male version, I don't even want to think what will happen after this.

Making the model is already pretty hard ( don't underestimate this cute bear!), presenting it actually harder ( in my mind...)

Ohh well, enough monologues, here are some photos of the so called  Relax Bear.

Did a terrible job on the head. The line is so obvious. It's like a SCAR.

I'm not sure about this one. I can't close the back nicely. I wonder if this is done on purpose or I did something wrong. I sure hope it's the designer's intention. (gulp)

Wish me good luck and, keep fighting! Wargreymon is coming soon enough! ( cough cough)

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


While this is an exam season and I'm supposed to be studying, I can't keep my hands free. Result? Decided to build a new model. My friends commented that it is ugly, but heck I love what I build so I'm going to defend it very very strongly.

Too lazy to type words now, 20 photos coming up!

Left leg is not quite finished with its armor piece.

Sorry for the quality, taken using handphone under bad lighting. 
Will do another update when it is done. ( perhaps in the next month???)

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Water Rocket

Hi there. Just to give everyone some insights about the activity(s) in KMM. 

Well, I participated in the Water Rocket Launching Competition. Things did not go very smoothly, but at least a 'rocket' is made. For me, it's already a miracle a rocket could be made, considering my team members are.... well.... not very enthusiastic at all....

Okay, time to move on and tadaa!
Surprise! An ugly 100 plus bottle with some lousy fins !
I didn't even want to test launch it when I had the opportunity to do so. 
Guess the reason.

 Did some major 'improvements' to the shape. Look at all these mess.

Repairing-in-progress. Did not even ask for his permission but heh, it's now on the web~

Papercraft alone would not even finish half of a bottle of the PVA glue. Now, it is only about 1/10th of its original amount...

 He. Asked. For. It.

Well, our final 'product'...
Made with 100% recyclable materials, masking tape ( a lot of them ! )
Our 'Mummy' is 100% environmentally friendly! Call 01-12345678 to get one today!

Compare with the picture below.... =.=

My rival, which won the Creativity Section of the competition... Truly amazing~


Okay, about the competition. Our rocket did well in the horizontal distance competition. It did not stand out, but at least it managed to pass through 3/4 of the field. Actually, we were surprised that it could fly that well. Really.

However, we were not that lucky in 'Parachute' section. Wrong design of the 'cap' with the wrong design of the parachute is equal to a non-functional parachute... The cap popped off, but the parachute is stuck inside the cap...

The competition actually was carried out in a rush, with problems almost everywhere in the planning, testing, and actual date of the competition itself. One main thing I strongly disagree is they decided that different rockets could be used to participate in different sections of the competition.

This means that 3 rockets could be made ( For horizontal distance, for parachute, and for the creativity contests) for the competition. I could not understand how can they allow this. The guidelines they distributed  earlier clearly prohibited this but they changed it last minute... The 'launchers' they modified from bicycle pumps work wonder, but then, only 1 is left out of 6 on the actual day of competition... So, the competition had to last longer than expected.

Well, this blog has to be inactive for about 2 weeks from now, since I have 3 projects unfinished on hands now. Until the next project, see ya!
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