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built of paper.

Friday, July 26, 2013


SD Wing Zero Custom-Legs

Hi guys. Sorry for the delay between the WIP posts for SD Wing Zero Custom. Such a nuisance when it comes to cutting the parts down. One piece has so many tabs. No wonder papercraft is so unpopular!

Alright, let’s cut to the chase!

SD Wing Zero Custom-047

The decoration front part for the ‘knees’

SD Wing Zero Custom-048

The bottom of its feet.

SD Wing Zero Custom-050
The upper part.

SD Wing Zero Custom-051
The whole upper part. Be careful with the slits.
Took my time here figuring how to bend the papers. Annoyed

SD Wing Zero Custom-052
Problems again. This centre piece, would not fit into its cap!
Well, see my solution( a weak one though) below!

SD Wing Zero Custom-053
Another problem. The instruction has not been updated for ages and has a serious typo.

とよっぺの気楽な冒険 第六回 SD Wガンダムゼロカスタム腕部作成とよっぺの気楽な冒険 第四回 SD Wガンダムゼロカスタム足部作成

Notice that there are 2 ‘G18’ parts here. G18 is meant for the hands, not the legs!
The real leg parts are G14! Take note!

SD Wing Zero Custom-069
The had part,G14 Thumbs down
Was wondering what does this piece do.
From the photo the legs do not have anything similar to this.

SD Wing Zero Custom-070
Top: After the fixing
Bottom: Before the fixing
Now it looks better. Quite a relief too~

SD Wing Zero Custom-054
Decided to cut open the cap part in order to fix its peg part. That was a huge mistake. It caused the model to be unstable. Glued it back together, again. Sad smile

SD Wing Zero Custom-055
The last resort, crumpling the peg part to reduce the size.
Not too feasible but at least the problem is solved.

SD Wing Zero Custom-057
One leg done! Looking good isn’t it?

SD Wing Zero Custom-059
With the leg. Looking cool, as usual~ Party smile
Ignore my messy table thank you. Embarrassed smile
SD Wing Zero Custom-060
By the way, I put a coin as weight. But then, it does not help much.
The model is simply too heavy on the back…

SD Wing Zero Custom-061
With two legs on! Moving on to the Shoulders parts!

SD Wing Zero Custom is the first Gundam papercraft I have ever tried. Although it’s an SD scale, its difficulty is never to be underestimated. While I estimated my required time to finish it was about 3 weeks, now, it has been over one month. Am I too slow? Perhaps ,hahaha~


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Author: Chan HJ
An enthusiast in papercraft. Paper model designing sounds fun too! More about me at my Blog Bio or


  1. Woah~ this is so cool and it looks so neat... it reminds me that i haven't been doing paper craft for quite some time already. keep it up...!!

    1. Haha, thank you. When you made one let me share it on my blog :D