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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


A Famosa Day 2

Okay, back to the long and boring post >.<

We headed to " Golfer Terrace" for breakfast. The hotel only provided 2 sets of breakfast (buffet), so we bought another 2 sets for adults and 1 more for child and these 3 sets of breakfast costed us RM 77.70.

Each adult set was priced at RM 25 and RM17 for the child set. Add in the service charge and government tax, here you go. Seriously, they just want to earn from the food! There wasn't many varieties for food, but we couldn't eat that much anyway. However, the roasted beans served there were cold, like refrigerated but weren't reheated enough. It just felt awful. I also couldn't understand why the scrambled eggs there were tasteless. Even my house made scrambled eggs are more delicious.

The entrance to the Animal World Safari and Water World is the same. We paid RM3 to get a "Parking Ticket" in order to enter the area.

We picked Animal World Safari combo-ed with lunch. We got no other options anyway. They offered Animal World Safari only, Water World only and Animal World Safari and Water World, all provided with a set of lunch. They were just forcing you to buy their foods, so you can't find KFC or MacDonald here.

The price was RM48 for an adult and RM 38 for a child, which totaled RM230 .><

Finally, the first show. The Elephant Show.
The starring elephants. :D

This was quite enjoyable. They explained the species, the origi and what they could do. They sold sugar canes there in packets. Tourists could buy the sugarcanes and then feed the elephants. i don't know if the elephants were trained or they were simply hungry. They waved their trunks once they saw or smelled the sugarcanes.

The show started at 10.15 am, which is the morning show. The other show time is on 4.30pm. 
The elephants need to poop first before their show, haha.

I didn't record all the performances, only shoot some photos.

Starting the "Sleeping" performance.


The next show, The Multi Animal Show was planned on 11.20am. The time was arranged nicely, giving breaks in between the shows for the tourists to visit other places in Safari.

We entered Chicken Farm, next.
Nothing much, just various species of birds,related to chicken. If you are interested in the siblings of chicken, here is your place. They also kept some rabbits or hares here.

I don't really know if this is allowed, but the top is actually without fence or cover, perhaps intentionally.

The next area is the Walk-Thru-Area. It was small if seen on the map, but it was like a small zoo. Many animals were kept there. However, we didn't take the "train" for visiting tigers. The queue was too long and time-wasting.

The porcupines.

The lambs there looked sick. 

The cunning but funny looking Racoon.

There were more animals but I didn't shoot all of them.

Time for the Multi Animal Show! This time, there were roofs above the seats. The Animal World Safari was pretty well-maintained, maybe it's because the main tourist attraction is here? The opening was done by a dog, dropping a scroll stating that the show will start in 5 minutes. A good Opening made everything else better.

The star was a otter (I think?). Was fascinated by his performance and did not record the performance :( 

Managed to catch the monkey sitting leg-crossed! Quite impressive with his performance.

The show was great. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the show. This is what we want.

The next show was Bird Show. I only remembered this from my last visit to A Famosa when I was 9 years old( can't remember correctly, about 8-10). The main stars were parrots and more parrots. Big parrots, small parrots, chatty parrots and colourful parrots. They mimic the sound and made jokes together with their trainers. I was busy laughing so, no photos :(

Finally, the bad-ass eagle. It was actually quite tame.

Looking for something to eat eh?

The prize was worms?

Busy eating...

Reaching the end of the show. Birds were released from the stage.

More birds.

Only for the food...

Is it called as Flamingo? Correct me if I', wrong >.<

The final star was this peacock. It didn't  want to "open" his tail the first time. 
It's legs must be very strong. The feathers looked heavy.

However, lunch time was a bummer. The queue was long because everyone is rushing to exchange their lunch included with the tickets. There is only one counter for ordering and another one for taking the lunch. Only four sets of lunch were offered. The food was okay for me, but the price listed on the board surprised me again. RM 12.50 for chicken rice! Again, they were trying their best to earn from the food......

It started to rain during lunch time, so we didn't got o Monkey Island. It required us to take a boat ride. With the rain, I would rather take shelter in the canteen.

The final show, The Wild Wild West Show. Because of the actors' funny performance, I didn't record any of them down. This the the " Must Watch" if you come to Animal World Safari. The only show time is on 2.15pm, only once. Quite a nice show if you ask me, couldn't stop laughing but their dialogues were a bit blur to me. I couldn't hear their words clearly. Just take it like Mr. Bean. There's absolutely no need to understand their dialogues.

This is the end for my holidays in A Famosa. I would recommend ANimal World Safari for a one-day trip. I have no idea what Water World is like, but from the comments on the Internet, it seems a little bit disappointing. We all agreed this is a one time thing. So, goodbye A Famosa! See you in my next life! (unless there is another trip organised by school or friend, hmm.)

We went to Tan Kim Hock Product Centre for some local delicacies. TKH is so famous now it has become a tourist spot. Still, couldn't resist the temptation of dodols. Spent RM 238.60 here.

Then, off we go to Johor. Nothing much to be noted.

We stayed in Hotel Anika, which was quite good. The room was comfortable and big enough for my family. 
 We had our lunch in a restaurant called Ching Ching or something similar with my dad's friend. 

The food was delicious, the service was good, no wonder it's the recommended restaurant in the area.

This ends Day 2. Day 3 was short, but fun is never missed out in any day !:D


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