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Monday, January 02, 2012



Look! It's time for a short update.

It's DANBO time!

Looks a bit melancholic...

I don't know why Danbo could catch my attention. It is  between "cute" and not so cute". It is between " simple" and "complex". But I believe other Danbo fans just  like it because it is Danbo, nothing else.

This model is quite simple, pretty straight-forward if your follow the instructions.

The articulation is superb, if you compared it to other paper crafts, because it can pose some fighting actions! ( just joking)

The head can go 360 degree,  go front and backward and bend towards left and right a little bit.

Same goes with the hand, 360 degree turns , front and backward movements and you can also straighten the hands.

The legs can actually go front and backwards, but I don't really get the meaning of doing so, as it could become unstable. So, the legs are kinda "fixed" at its pose now. The box is obstructing the legs too.

Now, time for some photos:

About the same height as the chewing gum container.

Hello, how are you? I am friendly.

Close shot of its main box.



Nice @ss. Meh, nothing to look at, really.

I guess, it is time to say goodbye. Aww~


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Author: Chan HJ
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