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built of paper.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

My second paper model in 2 weeks time XD 

Remember my got-to-be-present Vaporeon Mini? Now, it IS a present and and at the person's hand. :D Consider that a dream comes true.

I don't know why did I choose Poke Ball Box as a gift, since, it is mainly an eye candy, with its 'box' function basically left out ( paper is very fragile!), perhaps it is to fulfill a childhood dream? ( Those who watched Pokemon since its first episode will certainly what I meant. Come on, everyone wants to be Ask Ketchum right? ;D )

So, the good-looking cover photo :D

Used a different method to construct the spherical structure.
The 'bridge' method. Discard the original printed tab and create a new tab using another piece of paper.
Cut the tabs according to the 'curve'. The 'curvier' the pieces, the more tabs you should cut.

Looks very nice isn't it?

Now, the right side of the PokeBall seems flatten....

Vaporeon inside the box.

 The shape is ruined T.T

 Well, I glued the pieces in the wrong order, thus the PokeBall could not be 'closed' properly, causing the tab on the right to pop out. Cut it, and the shape became this ..... *FACEPALM*

Anyway, hope he'll like it.

Well, I am in my college room now, and believe it or not, another model is coming up. I do hope I can make some brief updates per week, but then the schedule is not clearly known yet. 

Until the next post, stay tuned!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vaporeon V2 Mini

The first Pokemon model since months!

I got attracted by the cute looking model on Paperpokes on the first sight.
Downloaded, and it's on my top priority in my To-Do-List.

But the colour tone of the printed emplate seems broken and I don't have a clue about it.

Mini version does come with a price, the pieces are so small. 

In conclusion, it's an adorable papercraft. Cute, and small size make it and excellent model to be posed in a limited space, or as a present maybe?Who knows? :D
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SD Railgun BuCUE

Well, I think I used 3 months to made this, including the failed "prototype" XD

Anyway, the design is almost the same as Missile Launcher BuCUE

I hope Glory can give the template for third BuCUE, but I heard he is quite busy now, so... the chances are small for me to get the template now. 

Nevermind, templates are not going to be finished any sooner :D

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Monday, October 22, 2012

SD Railgun Bucue

Okay, I'm still alive. Just wanna try out the Android Blogger app. Been building Bucue for almost 2 months now. The head part, for now.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Angry Bird- Blue!

While my friends are busy with their tutorials and reports... I made this. Well, the birds family is now completed, I am now deciding to build the piggies or not... 

Anyway, the photos!

Wahaha, my Birds Family, with other papercrafts in the background. 

Going to rest for 4 days, then SD Railway BuCue ( this really needs to be done, postponed for 2and a half months!!!), here I come!

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