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built of paper.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SD Railgun BuCUE

Well, I think I used 3 months to made this, including the failed "prototype" XD

Anyway, the design is almost the same as Missile Launcher BuCUE

I hope Glory can give the template for third BuCUE, but I heard he is quite busy now, so... the chances are small for me to get the template now. 

Nevermind, templates are not going to be finished any sooner :D

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Monday, October 22, 2012

SD Railgun Bucue

Okay, I'm still alive. Just wanna try out the Android Blogger app. Been building Bucue for almost 2 months now. The head part, for now.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SD Missile Launcher BuCUE

Incoming!!!!!! BOOM!

Alright, the papercraft this time is Missile Launcher BuCUE from Gundam Seed series.
I got the template from a China blogger.

Be fast though, as you can only obtain the template ( 1 JPG, which you can print it out on an A4 paper ^.^) until 2100 hour of 31/5/2012. After you finished this model, you can 'exchange' it for the next model- Railway BuCUE.  Here is the link: glorygundam.blog.163.com/blog/static/200708273201212294122224/

But the problem is... I don't think I can continue this hobby anymore. ( I wonder if I could bring cutting mat, craft knife etc into the hostel.

 Head part 1
 part 2...
 part 3....
Because the template is squeezed into one A4 paper, the size is also decreased significantly...
Thus, difficulty increases....

The 'legs'

Some assembled parts.

The cute little 'toes'

80% completed

The big head of any SD model always looks super uber cute!
Besides the head are parts of the front legs

Head? Checked.
Body? Checked
Missiles? CHECKED!

Another angle

The upper parts of legs/ limbs

Booster.... This...makes...me....suffered...like...HELL!

Repeated? Ya I know.

The limbs look weird.... I wonder why.


Looks sorrow...

Booster! I ruined the boosters.

Weird limbs.

With its laser blades!

That's all for Missile Launcher BuCUE.
I hope the family of Angry Birds could be completed by 27th May...

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