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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Famosa Day 1

When you see this post, it has been almost a week after my little trip with my family to A Famosa and Johor.

What we planned:
A Famosa( Melaka)----- Kluang( Johor)------Sagil( Johor)---Gunung Ledang Waterfall( Sagil)

Seems pretty boring huh? I would call this as a "Family Trip in an Old Friends Reunion"

Family Trip- A Famosa of course. OFR( Old Friends Reunion)--- It's all about Johor.

Before I go into details, let's talk about what I have learnt.( Sounds boring~)
Pleasure of a vacation is of course included, but I got something unexpected: a little information of my mom and dad's romantic experience. ( like in How I Met Your Mom) They met in Kluang, then lived in the same house among their old friends. They taught in the same school, then they got separated with their friends when they got  transferred out of that school. 

Thus, I got the opportunity to visit that school, met with some (senior) teachers/ parents' friends.

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Some ideas...

Recently, the idea of editing the template of this blog keeps popping in my mind.

Oh, and a self-made Header too. Such a nice photo pictured in my mind but it will be procrastinated by me until the next year.(which is 2 days left T_T )

Maybe a combination of my papercrafts would be nice.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Exam Ver. FINAL

Booya! SPM is finally over, today, at 1.00pm sharp!

Err, what does that mean?


The main dilemma here is, without SPM, the focus is lost. Hopefully I would be able to readjust myself to have another short goal.

Okay, I planned a SPM analysis of subjects difficulty based on Pokemon for 2 weeks, no actual actions yet. Give me a little more time, I hope you will like it . :D

Then, I don't think there will be any paper craft now, since my printer cartridge is spoiled and the colours are taking forever to flow from the print head.

Sigh, we just have to wait until the new printer arrives. *wink*

So many plannings yet so little actions. So many typing yet so little contents.

That's all for today, hopefully I can get a good result by March, I 'm counting on you, do you hear me?

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Exam Ver. Poliwag!

Hello there. Today, I finished my Poliwag. WHAT? You don'y have a clue what Poliwag is???

Nevermind, let me show ya. What is POLIWAG

Now, do you have a rough idea of what is Poliwag?

(please bear with the white spaces and lines T_T, and the somewhat weird-looking nose/mouth/ whatever)

Yes, it is a water-type pokemon! And a very cute one! (no, not the nose!)

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