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Monday, November 21, 2011


Exam Ver. Poliwag!

Hello there. Today, I finished my Poliwag. WHAT? You don'y have a clue what Poliwag is???

Nevermind, let me show ya. What is POLIWAG

Now, do you have a rough idea of what is Poliwag?

(please bear with the white spaces and lines T_T, and the somewhat weird-looking nose/mouth/ whatever)

Yes, it is a water-type pokemon! And a very cute one! (no, not the nose!)

It is a very weird for me to build a model at this time.

For my sake it is SPM...

Anyway, here's the pictures :

Poliwag the cutest looking tadpole
An up close front view

I know you like me ;D

I think I screwed up at the tail part.
Anyway, I think the designed template is abit weird.
As you can see at the next photo, the tail is not perfectly fit onto its back. 
Maybe it is intended, maybe it is not.

 This is the last time you are going to look at its back. =P
Not going to show its back in cupboard anyway.

The final photo: Let me look at'ya.

So, the model I have built in SPM time. Great, except for the nose and tail parts.

I folded the nose part wronly, it became a short elephant trunk.

The tail part...... a picture speaks a thousand words.....

Finally, I have no idea why the models from 2009(?) have some weird designs. Maybe I can learn how to edit the template one day !


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Author: Chan HJ
An enthusiast in papercraft. Paper model designing sounds fun too! More about me at my Blog Bio or