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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It's the DAY!

Hi guys. It is D-Day , today. SPM result is coming out, in less than 2 hours !( perhaps the results are already in principal or whoever-in-charge's hand)

Procrastination is mankind's biggest enemy. I had been planning to do a quick analysis since last year...... but it's so hard to move on to the typing stage. So, it's time to end it!

Basically, practice makes perfect. So, practice more to get better result.

Science Subjects

Physics is my favourite subject among the Science subjects. It explains why things happen.

And, that's why you'll need some imagination to visualize the process. When you can 'see' the process, like a video in your brain, you are nearly halfway through the progress.

Next, try to understand why does a scenario happen in the 'video'. Split it into several parts, or much better, into points. (which is how markers give marks to your answers) Relate your 'parts' with another parts. Try to visualize the whole process and make sure you know what you are talking about, not memorizing the entire paragraph, since you'll be panicking when you are in the hall sitting for exam, and you can't really memorize all of the words. The words will just become jumbled up and make no sense at all.


Hmm...... Not my favourite, but it is still okay. Maybe it is because of the way of education. Memorize, memorize, memorize and spill it all out during exam, then you have none left inside   =_=

My teacher said, the chapter Salt is feared by students. They are confused in this chapter. Many experiments have to be 'memorized', many compounds have to be memorized and much much more.

I could only share techniques to remember the colour of  certain ions, which is, by doing experiments.

FOCUS when you are doing lab works, because you won't have that much chances to enter the lab.(at least for me, as the syllabus does not really require experiments, unless you have plenty of time) Learning by visual images is much more efficient than pure text, which is why they suggest students to draw pictures about the topic, or use a flow chart. Observe the colour for each compound and the changes after the reaction.

I wasn't realised about this and i can't catch up to what the teacher was saying during the experiment. The colour changes during oxidation and reduction reaction were memorized. It was after I joined a Chemistry Experiment Programme( could not remember the name..... was in BM, Hari Kimia or something like that) I started to think about the ways of learning Chemistry. I observed how Iron(II) ions changed to brown colour (Iron (III) now) so fast, and the teacher said, it was such a beautiful green colour, but it changed so fast.

And, same technique as Physics, split the process (  for example the Industrial processes) into names, parts and points. Materials and physical requirements such as temperature and air pressure are also important.
A funny name for this is 'divide and conquer', as your brain would not be stuck with a truckload of information from various subjects at the same time.


Some of my friends actually like Biology, but they can't score well. Now, they are taking Biology related courses in college.

Personally, I hate Biology. Sometimes, I was fascinated by the pictures and knowledge in comic books (not text book nor reference books), but just after I realised I live in the real world...I lost my mood to study.

Actually, same technique could be used for all three subjects, but I was not motivated. The points of the answers are not clearly divided like the other two subjects. They are more like an article to me and do not have anyway to clean out the useless words.

The most important aspect for me is to completely understand all the topics. Don't just leave it there or skip it. Try to understand it with the help from your teachers and friends.

Science subjects for now..... Other subjects? Depends on my level of procrastination. :D

( kindly point out my mistakes or add in relevant info here because it has already been three months since the exam. I am regretting now T_T)


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