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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Rumah Terbuka

Okay, I know, I broke my promise again, but, who cares =P

So, today, I visited my old neighbour for their Rumah Terbuka with my family.
They have always been very nice to us, before we moved to another neighbourhood for the sole purpose of schooling, and after too. Every year, they would invite us for Rumah Terbuka.

Time for some "delicious" photos , XD ( p/s sorry for my noob photo taking skills, I am a beginner and I was shooting with my phone camera. )

The Laksa noodles and the Curry noodles.

The top one is the Curry, the bottom is Laksa.
I did not taste the Curry, but I believe, it tastes as good as the Laksa. 
My old neighbour is a very talented cook  ;D

Laksa and Curry's best friends!
Without them, Laksa would lose its flavour.

The favourite drink of everytime.
Syrup water



This one... I don't really know >.<

Ahh, keropok <3

Did not really eat much today.

Anyway, enjoy your visit!   =D


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