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built of paper.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Rant, and a SPHEAL

 You may scroll down to the bottom to avoid the texts here...


Basically, I am sitting for a major exam. I take it as serious as I could, but then, unfortunately, something not so serious has ruined my serious mood. A LEAK of the question paperS! YES, it is paperS. Students always have their own way to find the " spotted questions", "tips","ramalan" and whatsoever, but normally, these "tips" are unreliable and not accurate in any manner. However, this time, the tips, are like the question paper itself. It has the topic and even the subtopics. The topics are perfectly organised according to the sections, and more miraculously, arranged in perfect order!

Yes, I did received the "tips", but I just put it aside, as these "tips"  misdirected me for a gazillion of times, and  I felt stupid for not paying close attention to it, but that is not the point here. This exam is not supposed to have any leaks or " tips". Now, I am really disappointed with the system, it SUCKS!


Ahhh, I feel much better now. Now, let us welcome, the big, fat, ball-sphere-like-seal:

OMG, where did my walrus teeth go???!!!

looks cute, doesn't it? =P


Well, I build this model for a friend of mine, as his birthday present, which passed about 2 weeks ago =P

 The height and diameter compared to a chewing gum mint container. Looks like it could be squeezed and hugged <3

Here are some photos taken from side view and rear view:

Side view

Rear view

Got a little flaws on the back of its neck. But, nah, it will smile to everyone only in the cupboard later, which means they probably won't even have the chance to see its tail. (*sob*sob*)

Last one, I have reprinted a few pages of my Charizard, as I find its colour can't match with the newly printed papers. That means, I have to practically rebuild everything , from scratch. Ohh well, ironically, when I study, I build papermodel with a superb efficiency; when I am not studying, my progress will be stunted. 
See you after 23th, that is if I am hardworking enough to update. (maybe sooner, in-case if I have rants again in the near future, who knows? =P)


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Author: Chan HJ
An enthusiast in papercraft. Paper model designing sounds fun too! More about me at my Blog Bio or


  1. u're juz mad cause u didn't read the "tips". =P But heck la, ur results will come out beyond excellent anyways.

  2. Ya, i am very upset, but hey, there isn't supposed to have one anyway...