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Thursday, March 01, 2012

New background

Changed the background based on Paul Santosh's post

Link : http://www.paulsantosh.com/2012/02/add-noise-texture-background-to-your.html

But it is temporary anyway, so...

Stay tuned for the new background, hahaha.
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OMG, I edited my template =0

So, are you surprised to see my 'new' template?

No? Awww, I am sad.

Anyway, the template is still the good old template, the only different thing is it now has a Featured Content Slidebar from this awesome blog---Bloggermint.com.

Here is the link http://www.bloggermint.com/2010/02/featured-content-slider-for-blogger-using-jquery/comment-page-4/#comment-27588

Feel free to drop your comment. I am still a newbie in coding , and it is already like a giant to me.

The slidebar is not in its final form yet, maybe I'll make it into 5 tabs instead of 4. The contents will be updated from time to time . ( depends on my mood and time of course =D)

See ya in the next featured post :D
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Car, Here I COME!

Guess why I didn't update for so long?

Laziness? Hmmm, maybe.

Think deeper, it's related to this topic.

I was busy with my motorcycle and car training.

I really hate anything that is related to government... The process is unbelievably slow...But I have no choice, you need to pass the test before you can actually drive...

And my agent..... he is the 'tak apa' type. You done practicing? Ok, wait for ME.

And the wait lasted 1-2 hours, usually...

Enough of the rant.... I've finally passed my motorcycle test.

It's time for another waiting process...

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Chronicles-My Thought

Watched Chronicles on Sunday.

Went to the cinemas with 3 friends, somehow, I got the feeling that I was the 'lightbulb'(?) between my couple friends. Too bad LW was missing in the action, in his shop  LOL.

Anyway, one of my friends watched the trailer and told me that Chronicles was not his first choice. He said the trailer was not interesting and he did not get what is going on in that trailer. Ouch, that was a bummer. Maybe I would just fall asleep for the first time in the cinema, I thought .

I would not do a review here since my skills suck and there are tons of them, and some are really good if you Google them. 

 I think it is a nice and refreshing movie.

Many complained that this movie sucks or they wanted to sleep or they didn't understand a thing or they had wasted their money etc....

Maybe, just maybe, they were used to those action movies, where all those blasting sounds and stunning CG effects just came flying towards you. I am not a frequent customer of a cinema. I am fine with some silent scene in the movie, I am fine with the not-so-flashy effect.

The movie was shot like Paranormal Activity. The stories were told in videos recorded by cameras. All sort of cameras. From handycam to CCTV in the hospitals. A totally new experience for me. Some said they could not understand a thing because the shooting angle keeps changing and looks like a jumbled mess from youtube videos. I am perfectly fine with the story.

“What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do.”


This is basically what I learnt from the movie. Andrew had great powers, but he used it in the wrong way. I was thinking, maybe he could just steal some medicine from the store for his mother. Why would he need to rob the petrol station? Then he would not end up in the rampaging situation afterwards.

I watched the trailer afterwards, and thought it was fine. The interesting part is in the comments though. They said you have basically watched the movie if you had watched the trailer. 

I am so glad I did not watch the trailer. :D

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