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built of paper.
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Friday, May 25, 2012

The FIRST & SECOND Papercrafts!

This pose still looks okay :D

I posted these papercrafts like one or two years ago, but the photos are so low in qualities I don't even want to look at the posts again. =.=

My first papercraft, which basically means 0 experience, 1/2 skills ( from primary school art classes) and 1 patience. I finished this in 2 days if I remembered it correctly =S
Ugly White LINES!!!

It looks like thrashed papers from certain angles.

The most successful part lol!

THRASHED anyone?

Ah ha, the cute head part!

Crumbled tail.

Tsk tsk tsk. White lines.

=.= But still looks cute though.

2 experience, 2 skills, 2 patience lol.

Looks much better than Charmander.

Unfortunately, watermarks...

Because I folded every lines, this papercraft looks unnatural.

80g is a big nono for Pokemon crafts.

Again, mistakes when folding lines made its tail as thin as a paper, literally.

But oddly, it looked good when it was finished initially.

The Crest


More Gills!


Pieces of the head. I don't usually do this now, it might confuse you.

The old shot of Mudkip

Finally, let me end this with a meme

Yes I liek Mudkipz!!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paper Model Builder

Did I mention i am also a pokemon papercraft builder? Oops, my bad. Okay, in a few more days, i will upload the photos of my papercraft models to thisblog, STAY TUNED :D

Well, this is my first model. As i am new to making papercrafts, i did not change the line colour, overflow etc. , then the result is -_- . Anyway, it looks good if you actually look at it from far, haha
This is my second model, which I did some changes,I change the line colour, did some overflow, and I FOLDED it, not just simple cut and paste.

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