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Saturday, March 12, 2016


Feedly- My Daily Newsletter

Logo from Feedly website

I have been using this for over one whole year now. I think this is a very useful tool so I want to share this out.
feedly GUI
Feedly main screen, captured from the website introduction page

Feedly is a subscription tool. It is like a newspaper service, but it operates online. You choose whichever journals, articles or even YouTube channel you like, Feedly will collect their updates and arrange them nicely in your Feedly homepage.

Using Feedly is simple, just go over to the website, register and login, subscribe to your favourite sites so you would not miss any of the updates. So you can subscribe to my blog too if you want!

The biggest challenge for me before using Feedly is that I have too many websites to keep track of. And you would not have all the time to keep refreshing the website to check the updates. And e-mails are quite annoying for me. I used Google Reader before it is gone, then I found Feedly. My subscription ranges from Electronics and Arduino stuffs, to homebrew comical videos and Japanese lesson.

So, use it now to help in your reading. I call mine a One-Stop Reading Corner in this distracting world of Internet.

P/S I am not in anyway affiliated with Feedly. But it would be nice to give me like a one month premium service maybe? Haha.


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