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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Budgerigar on the LOOSE!

This budgerigar, has intelligence beyond my imagination. It will start to peck anything in its view, trying to find its own path to its escape, once I am not around. 

The only difference is, this time, it succeeded.

I was surfing the Internet in front of my computer, nothing looks suspicious when I walked by the cage. After a few minutes, I heard sound, sound like the flapping of wings. I had not figure out what was going on, until it flew above my head, and finding its very own sweet "home", the fan blade. 

To ensure its own safety, I immediately off the fan. It landed on the blade, safe and sound.

In the end, it is caught by my father, using a long ruler to lure it down. Anyone has any idea about taming this bird? From what I had seen, this bird certainly has a great potential to be tamed, probably finger-tamed.

Some pictures of this wild-untamed bird :D

Until the next post, goodbye ;D


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Author: Chan HJ
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