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Thursday, June 02, 2011


Never Give Up!

Well, this post is inspired by the greatest (and the fastest in the Pokemon game if paired up with Rain Dance or rainy weather) swimmer in the Hoenn region- the GREAT LUVDISC

This is done by my sister, which is what an original Luvdisc should look like. However, this is the second model , so, the question here, where is the FIRST one?

The answer is :

It ended up flatten and was almost thrown into the rubbish bin, just because of a few drops of water. For the sake of environment, I don't agree with her action, but hey, it was her model, I can't do anything. I won't throw a finished model because of water marks, I would have just reprinted that particular sheet of paper.

Anyway, I picked up her thrown model, and decided to do something on it.

Notice the crack on the bottom right? That is the price I have to pay for cutting a hole and then gluing it.

I used a red marker to paint on top on the water marks, but then, I found out the spots are very concentrated in an area, but none in other place. So, I just made up my mind, and go for it! I used the marker, and marked anywhere I saw as the suitable place.

The result?  Not too pretty, but at least better than in the rubbish bin. I guess it is in the acceptable range? At least it is unique too *_*

Make it a Never Give Up Luvdisc!
( Is this what I always heard in Pokemon? Never ever give up......)
( Wait a second, it is heard in Inazuma Eleven =_=)


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Author: Chan HJ
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