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Monday, October 21, 2013

Projects in USM

Twiss Programme

Last week was one busy week. My weekend was packed with activities and programmes!.
One of them was TWISS Programme. I don't have a clue what is the full name for TWISS ( I think TWISS is a short form, right? ), but it was meant to introduce to us, USM School of Electrical and Electronic First Year Student , the concept of Student Centred Study.

It was organised in Friday and Saturday, using almost two days, and we were required to build an electrical car!

I was totally stumped by this project as we don't even know how to use a breadboard to test our circuit, not to say building a complete circuit! Well, they provided us with some short training session... Personally, I feel that the training session is too short, I had to take out all the components even before I completed my circuit. But then, this is the first time they organised such programme... So, keep up the good work!

Anyway, this is my complete circuit board done by my team. We did it quite fast, way ahead of other groups and most importantly, it works!
Motor Car Circuit BoardMotor Car Circuit Board Working

But then, nothing is certain in this world.

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Friday, October 04, 2013

USM-Universiti Sains Malaysia

Wow, it has been quite a long time since the last time! Life is truly hectic here, with assignments, quizzes, and activities flying towards you, you’ll have to pick up some "manoeuvring” skill to avoid accidents with all those stuffs.

To cut it short, I am now taking Electrical Engineering in Universiti Sains Malaysia. One thing to note that I am now in the Engineering Campus, not the Main Campus. Feeling surprised? USM has 3 campuses, another one is Health Campus in Kelantan. Winking smile

Below are some of the photos around USM, courtesy of my friend’s handphone. My HTC Wildfire S has a weak camera, unfortunately.

View from my hostel room.
USM (2)
USM (3)

Random shot of the sky I guess? Rolling on the floor laughingUSM (4)

Pusat Pembangunan Siswa, or PUMA. Basically all the students’ activities are held here.
USM (6)

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

SD Wing Zero Custom- Wings, Rifles and Completed!

When you read this post, I am no longer in my own house.
I am on my way to USM!

And Wing Zero Custom is finished just two days before my departure Sad smile


Okay, the wings are completed, and they are gorgeous! Of course, it is still unable to balance itself but I am fine with that. SD Wing Zero Custom
SD Wing Zero Custom-001
SD Wing Zero Custom-002
SD Wing Zero Custom-003

Did not expect that GunPla beam saber can fit inside the palm. It is HG Infinite Justice’s. Looks good eh?
SD Wing Zero Custom-004

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Charmander V2

A short post about Charmander V2, which I made before Wing Zero Custom is finished. Gave it to my cousin as a gift.Charmander

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