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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bookaholics 600 Followers Giveaway!

Congratulations to The Bookaholics on achieving 600 followers! What a big number =O

They are currently hosting a giveaway for this great achievement, link http://the-bookaholics.blogspot.com/2012/04/600-followers-giveaway.html

Hurry up and JOIN! It ends today!

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Friday, May 11, 2012


After all these days, Rayquaza is finally done :D

Encountered a lot of problems, including the position of 'fins', multiple closing tabs, loose parts etc.

But, the sense of satisfaction is the most important aspect in any hobby, in my opinion. And somehow, I feel satisfied even though this is not the best papercraft I have made >.<

Let the photos do the talking, shall we?

My favourite front shot

Did I mention I like this part the most? The depth, which makes it so real.
If I am making Groundon or Kyogre, this'll be the main reason.

The usual irritating claws

The 'fins'! Super duper irritating. 

Which makes me use Super glue, and the overflow-ed super glue causes...

A piece of ubber glove inside the papercraft !

LOL. I have to wear a glove to prevent my fingers from getting glued together. 
I guess that did not work well.....


Tail  :D Looks cute here/

Spoiled tail ...I'll explain later.

Looks weird isn't? I wonder how did I miss one part of the tail??!!

Funny looking tail. AGAIN.

Bla bla bla

Bla x6

How to fix =.= : Pull the tail apart, glue in the correct part, put back the tail. Tadaa .....
Easier said than done. Really~

After I finish building Rayquaza, I encountered a major problem: it could not stand up! ( with the wrong tail, I don't know if it could stand up with the correct tail part or not though)
Planning a surgery...

Cut a hole. I used 2  one sen coins.

Super glue does the trick! ( with ugly water marks again.)

And it successfully stand up on its own!

Before it is done...

Beside the window...

Fins! More and more fins!!!

Perhaps, this will be my last Paperpoke.
I am going to Kolej Matrikulasi and I don't know if I would even have time for this hobby anymore.
Hope things do work out as what I have planned.....

Alright, until the next post! ( I think it'll be SD BuCUE XD)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One day in [U]niversiti [T]eknologi [P]etronas

Before I start this post, I linked the title to this song

Okay, not related at all..... because the only thing similar is the title.

In the previous blogpost-I Am A Lone Wolf, I thought I was all alone. Well, that isn't the case on Monday. A buddy of mine actually got the offer too. Hence, we became 'Duo-Wolves' XD

The 'journey' started at 7am. Reached UTP in about 45 minutes, which is 7.45am. There were already a long long queue for registration. Found my friend in the crowd, and I registered faster than he does...( Buddy Teong, don't hit me ~.~ )

Then, the 'Majlis Perasmian' or Opening Ceremony started at around 8.30 am. It was delayed for a bit, since the registration took an hour......

UTP song
We 'sang' this song during the ceremony LOL. ( I thought it'd be National Anthem first?)

Then, let the speeches begin! After some major bla bla bla ( some were interesting though ), it's time to separate the groups. Teong and me were in Group C, Group A and B would go for interview first, while Group C and D would stay in the Chancellor Hall for ' career briefing' ( which I grouped it as another bla bla bla section , but the lecturers were really nice and good in speaking too.)

After the briefing, it's already 12pm. Had our lunch under tents they prepared. The foods were quite good and delicious compared with the one prepared for students in other places...

Then, Group C candidates got 'hold' in the holding room until 1.30pm. We got our case studies( AD PAYS) in Preparation Room.... So...time to get the brains running. In the room, we had to choose our group/ panel.
I thought they were going to separate us, placing us separately. To my surprise, they actually let us chose our partners etc. There was only one rule, each group must have 3 boys and 2 girls. So, some members of those groups that did not meet the requirements got to 'exchange' with other groups. My group was consisted of me, Teong, 1 Malay boy from Penang, and  2 girls from Teluk Intan , Perak. ( too bad I didn't take their Facebook =[  )

After the preparation time was over, we moved to another room ( they call is as another stage lol). We wait for the panel to call us for the interview.

We were supposed to do our individual interview first, followed  by the group interview. Our group is so special we did our interviews altogether XD This is a good thing though, since the more the merrier( lol what?) Nonono, we had more courage when there were more people by our sides. We got an 'ice-breaking' session too... I don't know if other groups have this session or not. We just went in there, and do the talking. We got 2 interviewers, and they were both very nice. Although we spoke like mad people... bad grammars and sentence structures everywhere, they still listened to use patiently ( although one of them looks like very tired in the end of the session.)

Another benefit is, our session is probably shorter compared to other group. They had to call the members one by one, and then discuss the same things all over again in group interview. Since we already knew each other's points during the individual interview, our group session... was very short, relatively. I didn't know how to do a conclusion...so I just conclude all our points and asked ' do you agree with bla bla bla ' . Since we already knew the points, all of them agree...without any objection XD The interviewers were just like 'Okay?'  and wanted to fall asleep already.

Thus, the interview was the only important event throughout the day. After that, all of us left the building and I headed straight to my home with my dad...( He drove me to there and waited for me . Thank you dad! )

I didn't really take much photos....but I'll see if I could find one. ( probably form the web or from my friends)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Angry Bird-The Black Bomber!

Personally, this is my favourite 'mass-destructing-weapon' in the game. It is tanky, has high penetration power and it can SELF DESTRUCT! Don't you just love this mean black bird? ( Beware, I see one flying just above you...)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I am a LONE WOLF......

I just got an invitation letter ( through the website utp.edu.my ) to EduCamp 2012. Why do I feel lonely? Because 2 of my friends are in EduQuest Camp right now! See the difference?

Personally, I do feel that EduQuestCamp is more meaningful for me, not because I'd have 2 buddies in the programme, but EduCampQuest is for those who are eligible to get the scholarships. While I have no reason to tag myself or my family as 'RICH', I really need the money if I want to enter UTP.

EduCamp is only for those who are interested to study in UTP, while the expenses( definitely not Cheap!) are going to be paid by yourself ......

I'm still hesitating to attend the programme but for the sake of experience...I think I'll give it a shot, albeit a long one.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Angry Bird-Red

 It's time for the main character in Angry Birds----- The RED one!

Personally, I don't like this bird. While it's common, it does not do anything special =P

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Angry Bird!

Hi guys. Sorry to say that my Rayquaza is not yet finished. Anyway, just made this quick papercraft from Hobitkertas.com as a present for my sister. Enjoy!

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kira Yamato, Freedom, Ittekimasu!

Alright, finally completed my SD Strike Freedom, after 2 weeks? *cough*cough*

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's the DAY!

Hi guys. It is D-Day , today. SPM result is coming out, in less than 2 hours !( perhaps the results are already in principal or whoever-in-charge's hand)

Procrastination is mankind's biggest enemy. I had been planning to do a quick analysis since last year...... but it's so hard to move on to the typing stage. So, it's time to end it!

Basically, practice makes perfect. So, practice more to get better result.

Science Subjects

Physics is my favourite subject among the Science subjects. It explains why things happen.

And, that's why you'll need some imagination to visualize the process. When you can 'see' the process, like a video in your brain, you are nearly halfway through the progress.

Next, try to understand why does a scenario happen in the 'video'. Split it into several parts, or much better, into points. (which is how markers give marks to your answers) Relate your 'parts' with another parts. Try to visualize the whole process and make sure you know what you are talking about, not memorizing the entire paragraph, since you'll be panicking when you are in the hall sitting for exam, and you can't really memorize all of the words. The words will just become jumbled up and make no sense at all.


Hmm...... Not my favourite, but it is still okay. Maybe it is because of the way of education. Memorize, memorize, memorize and spill it all out during exam, then you have none left inside   =_=

My teacher said, the chapter Salt is feared by students. They are confused in this chapter. Many experiments have to be 'memorized', many compounds have to be memorized and much much more.

I could only share techniques to remember the colour of  certain ions, which is, by doing experiments.

FOCUS when you are doing lab works, because you won't have that much chances to enter the lab.(at least for me, as the syllabus does not really require experiments, unless you have plenty of time) Learning by visual images is much more efficient than pure text, which is why they suggest students to draw pictures about the topic, or use a flow chart. Observe the colour for each compound and the changes after the reaction.

I wasn't realised about this and i can't catch up to what the teacher was saying during the experiment. The colour changes during oxidation and reduction reaction were memorized. It was after I joined a Chemistry Experiment Programme( could not remember the name..... was in BM, Hari Kimia or something like that) I started to think about the ways of learning Chemistry. I observed how Iron(II) ions changed to brown colour (Iron (III) now) so fast, and the teacher said, it was such a beautiful green colour, but it changed so fast.

And, same technique as Physics, split the process (  for example the Industrial processes) into names, parts and points. Materials and physical requirements such as temperature and air pressure are also important.
A funny name for this is 'divide and conquer', as your brain would not be stuck with a truckload of information from various subjects at the same time.


Some of my friends actually like Biology, but they can't score well. Now, they are taking Biology related courses in college.

Personally, I hate Biology. Sometimes, I was fascinated by the pictures and knowledge in comic books (not text book nor reference books), but just after I realised I live in the real world...I lost my mood to study.

Actually, same technique could be used for all three subjects, but I was not motivated. The points of the answers are not clearly divided like the other two subjects. They are more like an article to me and do not have anyway to clean out the useless words.

The most important aspect for me is to completely understand all the topics. Don't just leave it there or skip it. Try to understand it with the help from your teachers and friends.

Science subjects for now..... Other subjects? Depends on my level of procrastination. :D

( kindly point out my mistakes or add in relevant info here because it has already been three months since the exam. I am regretting now T_T)

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

A new cabinet!

Phew. Just finished 'building' a sliding panel cabinet.

Watching the cabinet, a sudden sense of satisfaction just appear in myself.

Anyway, there's a second one lying in the room ready to be set up orz....

I don't have anymore energy to move my legs, but typing is still okay!
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Sunday, March 04, 2012

I wanna FLY~~~ (SD Strike Freedom)

Eh wait, my backpack is MISSING!

Ohh yes. My SD Strike Freedom's main frame is finally done! Looking good eh?

The legs look kinda distorted. Nevermind, it can be easily 'unplugged' and fixed.  :D

*WARNING*  Picture Heavy

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Saturday, March 03, 2012

What am I up to

Hmmm, been building this at the same time with my Rayquaza...

It seems like its progress is now faster than the green dragon.

Now, it's time to start the Backpack!

The waist part. 
Never thought that taking photos of each part could give such sense of satisfaction .
( Sorry for the blur photo. This was taken using my phone .__.)

p/s It is a SD Strike Freedom papercraft, in case you don't know Gundam XD

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

New background

Changed the background based on Paul Santosh's post

Link : http://www.paulsantosh.com/2012/02/add-noise-texture-background-to-your.html

But it is temporary anyway, so...

Stay tuned for the new background, hahaha.
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OMG, I edited my template =0

So, are you surprised to see my 'new' template?

No? Awww, I am sad.

Anyway, the template is still the good old template, the only different thing is it now has a Featured Content Slidebar from this awesome blog---Bloggermint.com.

Here is the link http://www.bloggermint.com/2010/02/featured-content-slider-for-blogger-using-jquery/comment-page-4/#comment-27588

Feel free to drop your comment. I am still a newbie in coding , and it is already like a giant to me.

The slidebar is not in its final form yet, maybe I'll make it into 5 tabs instead of 4. The contents will be updated from time to time . ( depends on my mood and time of course =D)

See ya in the next featured post :D
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Car, Here I COME!

Guess why I didn't update for so long?

Laziness? Hmmm, maybe.

Think deeper, it's related to this topic.

I was busy with my motorcycle and car training.

I really hate anything that is related to government... The process is unbelievably slow...But I have no choice, you need to pass the test before you can actually drive...

And my agent..... he is the 'tak apa' type. You done practicing? Ok, wait for ME.

And the wait lasted 1-2 hours, usually...

Enough of the rant.... I've finally passed my motorcycle test.

It's time for another waiting process...

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Chronicles-My Thought

Watched Chronicles on Sunday.

Went to the cinemas with 3 friends, somehow, I got the feeling that I was the 'lightbulb'(?) between my couple friends. Too bad LW was missing in the action, in his shop  LOL.

Anyway, one of my friends watched the trailer and told me that Chronicles was not his first choice. He said the trailer was not interesting and he did not get what is going on in that trailer. Ouch, that was a bummer. Maybe I would just fall asleep for the first time in the cinema, I thought .

I would not do a review here since my skills suck and there are tons of them, and some are really good if you Google them. 

 I think it is a nice and refreshing movie.

Many complained that this movie sucks or they wanted to sleep or they didn't understand a thing or they had wasted their money etc....

Maybe, just maybe, they were used to those action movies, where all those blasting sounds and stunning CG effects just came flying towards you. I am not a frequent customer of a cinema. I am fine with some silent scene in the movie, I am fine with the not-so-flashy effect.

The movie was shot like Paranormal Activity. The stories were told in videos recorded by cameras. All sort of cameras. From handycam to CCTV in the hospitals. A totally new experience for me. Some said they could not understand a thing because the shooting angle keeps changing and looks like a jumbled mess from youtube videos. I am perfectly fine with the story.

“What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do.”


This is basically what I learnt from the movie. Andrew had great powers, but he used it in the wrong way. I was thinking, maybe he could just steal some medicine from the store for his mother. Why would he need to rob the petrol station? Then he would not end up in the rampaging situation afterwards.

I watched the trailer afterwards, and thought it was fine. The interesting part is in the comments though. They said you have basically watched the movie if you had watched the trailer. 

I am so glad I did not watch the trailer. :D

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little green fingers...

While Rayquaza is a large and high pokemon, its fingers are surpringly small.

Almost thought of throwing it into the bin when I saw the designs....

Ah well, the right arm is almost finished, leaving the left arm with its little green thingy on the paper.

Practice does make something perfect, the first finger is....squashed-like. Lines are visible everywhere. Now, it's the third finger and I'm quite satisfied.

I hope the rest will be a breeze~
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year Open House In Astaka

Our Prime Minister came to "Padang Lapangan Terbang" ( A field for aeroplanes, did not see a single one since I moved in though) in Sitiawan for the celebration of Chinese New Year yesterday.

After passing the traffic jams all the way to Padang Astaka ( this one is more commonly known among the residents here), WOW, cars and motorcycles everywhere! They just parked wherever a spot was available, from sides or the roads, in the outside of the field and finally the designated parking area, the filed itself. No lines, no signs, just traffic polices telling the correct ways to go. Poor guys...

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Early Happy Chinese New Year~~

It's not even New Year's Eve but I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year here!! ^_^

Since the zodiac of the year is Dragon, a Dragon-type Pokemon is coming up for the celebration!

It is Rayquaza and I've only done it until its neck. Heavily detailed but I like the design so much, I don't really mind the time to build it. 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 3 & 4~

Day 3

Since we reached Johor, we just visited the first school which my parents taught in and reunion with old colleagues. That used up the whole morning =O ( You know, all those chit-chats, old memories...and the list goes on ...)

Lunch time, someone was going to buy us lunch ^^ Hooray! He was the son of my parents' landlord when they were still in Johor. ( heard that he was quite a nice person, unfortunately he passed away before I have the chance to meet him )

We went to a small town called Sagil before the evening. Parents of one of the old colleagues lived in that area.
We then went to our "hotel" for that night, my parents' old colleagues house. Guess there's benefits when you have more friends. =)

That pretty  much sums up the 3rd day. Off to 4th day!

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