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built of paper.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little green fingers...

While Rayquaza is a large and high pokemon, its fingers are surpringly small.

Almost thought of throwing it into the bin when I saw the designs....

Ah well, the right arm is almost finished, leaving the left arm with its little green thingy on the paper.

Practice does make something perfect, the first finger is....squashed-like. Lines are visible everywhere. Now, it's the third finger and I'm quite satisfied.

I hope the rest will be a breeze~
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year Open House In Astaka

Our Prime Minister came to "Padang Lapangan Terbang" ( A field for aeroplanes, did not see a single one since I moved in though) in Sitiawan for the celebration of Chinese New Year yesterday.

After passing the traffic jams all the way to Padang Astaka ( this one is more commonly known among the residents here), WOW, cars and motorcycles everywhere! They just parked wherever a spot was available, from sides or the roads, in the outside of the field and finally the designated parking area, the filed itself. No lines, no signs, just traffic polices telling the correct ways to go. Poor guys...

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Early Happy Chinese New Year~~

It's not even New Year's Eve but I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year here!! ^_^

Since the zodiac of the year is Dragon, a Dragon-type Pokemon is coming up for the celebration!

It is Rayquaza and I've only done it until its neck. Heavily detailed but I like the design so much, I don't really mind the time to build it. 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 3 & 4~

Day 3

Since we reached Johor, we just visited the first school which my parents taught in and reunion with old colleagues. That used up the whole morning =O ( You know, all those chit-chats, old memories...and the list goes on ...)

Lunch time, someone was going to buy us lunch ^^ Hooray! He was the son of my parents' landlord when they were still in Johor. ( heard that he was quite a nice person, unfortunately he passed away before I have the chance to meet him )

We went to a small town called Sagil before the evening. Parents of one of the old colleagues lived in that area.
We then went to our "hotel" for that night, my parents' old colleagues house. Guess there's benefits when you have more friends. =)

That pretty  much sums up the 3rd day. Off to 4th day!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Famosa Day 2

Okay, back to the long and boring post >.<

We headed to " Golfer Terrace" for breakfast. The hotel only provided 2 sets of breakfast (buffet), so we bought another 2 sets for adults and 1 more for child and these 3 sets of breakfast costed us RM 77.70.

Each adult set was priced at RM 25 and RM17 for the child set. Add in the service charge and government tax, here you go. Seriously, they just want to earn from the food! There wasn't many varieties for food, but we couldn't eat that much anyway. However, the roasted beans served there were cold, like refrigerated but weren't reheated enough. It just felt awful. I also couldn't understand why the scrambled eggs there were tasteless. Even my house made scrambled eggs are more delicious.

The entrance to the Animal World Safari and Water World is the same. We paid RM3 to get a "Parking Ticket" in order to enter the area.

We picked Animal World Safari combo-ed with lunch. We got no other options anyway. They offered Animal World Safari only, Water World only and Animal World Safari and Water World, all provided with a set of lunch. They were just forcing you to buy their foods, so you can't find KFC or MacDonald here.

The price was RM48 for an adult and RM 38 for a child, which totaled RM230 .><

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Monday, January 02, 2012


Look! It's time for a short update.

It's DANBO time!

Looks a bit melancholic...

I don't know why Danbo could catch my attention. It is  between "cute" and not so cute". It is between " simple" and "complex". But I believe other Danbo fans just  like it because it is Danbo, nothing else.

This model is quite simple, pretty straight-forward if your follow the instructions.

The articulation is superb, if you compared it to other paper crafts, because it can pose some fighting actions! ( just joking)

The head can go 360 degree,  go front and backward and bend towards left and right a little bit.

Same goes with the hand, 360 degree turns , front and backward movements and you can also straighten the hands.

The legs can actually go front and backwards, but I don't really get the meaning of doing so, as it could become unstable. So, the legs are kinda "fixed" at its pose now. The box is obstructing the legs too.

Now, time for some photos:

About the same height as the chewing gum container.

Hello, how are you? I am friendly.

Close shot of its main box.



Nice @ss. Meh, nothing to look at, really.

I guess, it is time to say goodbye. Aww~

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Famosa Day 1

When you see this post, it has been almost a week after my little trip with my family to A Famosa and Johor.

What we planned:
A Famosa( Melaka)----- Kluang( Johor)------Sagil( Johor)---Gunung Ledang Waterfall( Sagil)

Seems pretty boring huh? I would call this as a "Family Trip in an Old Friends Reunion"

Family Trip- A Famosa of course. OFR( Old Friends Reunion)--- It's all about Johor.

Before I go into details, let's talk about what I have learnt.( Sounds boring~)
Pleasure of a vacation is of course included, but I got something unexpected: a little information of my mom and dad's romantic experience. ( like in How I Met Your Mom) They met in Kluang, then lived in the same house among their old friends. They taught in the same school, then they got separated with their friends when they got  transferred out of that school. 

Thus, I got the opportunity to visit that school, met with some (senior) teachers/ parents' friends.

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Some ideas...

Recently, the idea of editing the template of this blog keeps popping in my mind.

Oh, and a self-made Header too. Such a nice photo pictured in my mind but it will be procrastinated by me until the next year.(which is 2 days left T_T )

Maybe a combination of my papercrafts would be nice.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Exam Ver. FINAL

Booya! SPM is finally over, today, at 1.00pm sharp!

Err, what does that mean?


The main dilemma here is, without SPM, the focus is lost. Hopefully I would be able to readjust myself to have another short goal.

Okay, I planned a SPM analysis of subjects difficulty based on Pokemon for 2 weeks, no actual actions yet. Give me a little more time, I hope you will like it . :D

Then, I don't think there will be any paper craft now, since my printer cartridge is spoiled and the colours are taking forever to flow from the print head.

Sigh, we just have to wait until the new printer arrives. *wink*

So many plannings yet so little actions. So many typing yet so little contents.

That's all for today, hopefully I can get a good result by March, I 'm counting on you, do you hear me?

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Exam Ver. Poliwag!

Hello there. Today, I finished my Poliwag. WHAT? You don'y have a clue what Poliwag is???

Nevermind, let me show ya. What is POLIWAG

Now, do you have a rough idea of what is Poliwag?

(please bear with the white spaces and lines T_T, and the somewhat weird-looking nose/mouth/ whatever)

Yes, it is a water-type pokemon! And a very cute one! (no, not the nose!)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exam Ver 3.0 and still counting...

Hi there!

Today is my third day in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and the nightmarish Sejarah ( History ) is officially a past . (not until the day I get my result)

The questions today is a bit.... erm..... weird?

Apakah tajuk bagi  lagu kebangsaan? o_0 ( edited a bit, can't really remember the whole question)

Adakah bandar di daerah atau tempat tinggal anda bandar terancang? Berikan alasan anda/ Jelaskan

And the questions in Section B is so different.

Anyway, let the past, be past......

p/s: I should put this post's tag as "exam". Somehow, most of my views check into this blog through Exam???!!! What is going on??? I might as well exploit it, hehe.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

7 (funny) reasons why you should be a surgeon


Every adult tells me, "be a doctor , since your grade is so good".
I bet they don't even know the hardship of the job, they are just interested by the glory and perhaps, money.

I stumbled across this post in Facebook and I think this should be shared.

To all the doctors in the world, THANK YOU.

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Food for the Pleasure? Or Pure Wastage?

Happy Children's Day to all the students in my primary school! These are the cupcakes made by the parent. Adorable isn't it?

However, the main topic today is not about Children's Day, it is all about the FOOD.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Charizard- 2011 "Masterpiece"

Alright, today I shall present you, the greatest Fire-type pokemon( a semi Flying Type too) - behold, the almighty Charizard! Let me hear that claps~

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Charizard Part 2,3,...

Alright, the model is completed, for more photos, please check the "photo album" tab above.

The Charizard's post will be up tomorrow, stay tuned :D
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Budgerigar on the LOOSE!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Small Surprise

Yesterday, my friend, P, text-ed me with a question about his homework.

I replied, with a small teasing line behind - A cake please.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Charizard V2( part 1)

Hello all. it has been a while (oh really?), ohh , I mean for a long time since my last post. My buddy is quickly building up his post and showing off about his post count every time he makes a new post.

Ohh well, I can't lose ~

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rumah Terbuka

Okay, I know, I broke my promise again, but, who cares =P

So, today, I visited my old neighbour for their Rumah Terbuka with my family.

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Rant, and a SPHEAL

 You may scroll down to the bottom to avoid the texts here...


Basically, I am sitting for a major exam. I take it as serious as I could, but then, unfortunately, something not so serious has ruined my serious mood. A LEAK of the question paperS! YES, it is paperS. Students always have their own way to find the " spotted questions", "tips","ramalan" and whatsoever, but normally, these "tips" are unreliable and not accurate in any manner. However, this time, the tips, are like the question paper itself. It has the topic and even the subtopics. The topics are perfectly organised according to the sections, and more miraculously, arranged in perfect order!

Yes, I did received the "tips", but I just put it aside, as these "tips"  misdirected me for a gazillion of times, and  I felt stupid for not paying close attention to it, but that is not the point here. This exam is not supposed to have any leaks or " tips". Now, I am really disappointed with the system, it SUCKS!


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